At, we understand that the rabbit vibrator is a popular choice for women seeking intense pleasure. However, many first-time users may not know how to use it effectively to achieve the renowned 'blended orgasm' through clitoral and vaginal stimulation. In this article, we'll provide tips on how to use your rabbit vibrator for solo and couple play, as well as how to enhance your pleasure through temperature play and experimentation with different positions and body parts.

First-time use:

When unwrapping your rabbit vibrator, take some time to familiarize yourself with all the buttons and settings on the back. This will help you navigate the toy during use without any distractions. Set the scene by playing music, lighting candles, and locking the door for maximum privacy and comfort.

Begin by focusing on the rabbit ears and your clitoris to build arousal before inserting the shaft. Adjust the ears arm to suit your body, as everyone is built differently. Experiment with different positions during solo play, such as tilting your hips upwards with a pillow underneath your lower back for greater connection and intense stimulation.

General solo play:

During solo play, it's essential to note that there's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to rabbit vibrators. Once inside, the rabbit ears should sit nicely against your clitoris, but adjust them according to your preference. Some women prefer cooling gels or balms on their clitoris before playing with a rabbit vibrator for heightened sensations and full arousal.

Spice up bath-time by using your rabbit vibrator in the shower or bath while enjoying the many speeds and patterns it offers. Light some candles, fill a bath with bubbles, and relax as you enjoy the toy's benefits. For added stimulation, try using temperature play by placing the toy on a hot water bottle or leaving it in hot or cold water for 10 minutes before use.

Couple play:

Begin by masturbating in front of each other while your partner watches you become more aroused. Ask them to use the toy on you while you guide them on what you like in terms of speed, depth, and power. During oral play on him, slide the shaft over your nipples for intense extra stimulation while your partner explores with their tongue. Over 29% of women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone!

Incorporate anal play into couple play by using plenty of lubrication and thrusting the rabbit inside of you in the doggy style position while letting the rabbit ears also caress your clitoris. Your partner can then enter you anally once you're aroused enough.


Don't be afraid to experiment with different positions and body parts during solo or couple play. Use the toy on your nipples, labia, inner thighs, or even try using it backwards to tease and tickle the entrance to your anus while penetrating your vagina. When receiving oral from a partner, hold the toy against your throat so that its vibrations transfer onto their penis for a new twist that will drive them wild!

At, we offer a range of rabbit vibrators that cater to individual preferences in terms of size, material, texture, and speed settings. By understanding how to use your rabbit vibrator effectively for solo and couple play, as well as enhancing pleasure through temperature play and experimentation with different positions and body parts, you can unlock new levels of sexual satisfaction!

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