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The Silver Orgasm Balls are for stimulation and pleasure. Buy Silver Orgasm Balls from Health and Care with free delivery.

Orgasm balls are small, weighted balls that are inserted into the vagina and used to stimulate the G-Spot and increase sensitivity. When the balls move inside the body, gentle vibrations stimulate the G-Spot, resulting in stronger orgasms.

how to use Orgasm Balls?

Orgasm balls are a type of sex toy used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. To use them, start by washing your hands and the balls. Then insert one ball at a time, pushing them up towards the cervix (if desired). To further stimulate the pelvic muscles, you can do Kegel exercises while the balls are inserted. Make sure to relax and stay comfortable while using the balls. When finished, slowly remove the balls and wash them once again.

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Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7344QG
Especially for the girl that loves internal stimulation whilst on the go, we bring you the wonderful 4 Gold Vibro Balls, a gorgeous 4-inch chain of four interlinked stimulating spheres that can be worn inside the vagina for complete discreet pleasures. The fabulous 4 Gold Vibro Balls have been manu..
    £11.69 £12.99
    Brand: Bswish Model: BSCFI0075
    Who doesn't want stronger, more frequent orgasms? Train your pleasure sensitivity with the Bfit Classic love balls, a customizable Kegel workout, complete with four interchangeable free-floating weights, that deliver deeply arousing sensations. Two easy-to-use harnesses are perfected with an ultra-t..
      £34.19 £37.99
      Brand: Bswish Model: BSCBI1139
      Strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style with the Bfit Classic love balls, an adaptable workout regimen designed to grow with you. The Bfit Classic includes single and dual body-safe silicone harnesses, along with two petit interchangeable silky-smooth silicone love balls.Find the routine that ..
        £18.89 £20.99
        Brand: Dorcel Model: 6071892
        If you want to strengthen your pelvic muscles and your perineum, then Dorcel's Dual Balls are for you!By strengthening your perineum, you will have a better knowledge of your body and you will feel better with your partner during your intimate relations. Geishas balls are an essential companion for ..
          £27.89 £30.99
          Brand: Linx Kinx Minx Model: 2K839MBLK
          The fun never stops with the Oscillating Duo Balls. The super soft balls have internal weights so the more you move, the more they move. Unisex and covered in a beautiful, marblized texture, they come with a stong and durable pull cord for when you just cant take it anymore...
            £5.39 £5.99
            Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7224
            Gain internal massage whilst you walk with these fabulous white duo balls, two soft latex balls joined via a cord that is inserted into the vagina and deliver exciting internal stimulation as you walkabout. These stunning Duo balls can massage and stimulate the vagina when walking, running, sitting..
              £3.59 £3.99
              Brand: Lelo Model: lelo1692
              LUNA beads are for women who treasure their sensuality - a combined pleasure and fitness system that enables women and their partners to enhance their sensations for years to come. Developed as a stylish and discreet alternative to the traditional 'geisha balls, LUNA beads work to strengthen the vag..
                £51.91 £58.99
                Brand: Lelo Model: LELO0312
                Delivering fantastic internal massage to the vagina or anus we bring you the sensational Lelo Luna Beads, a set of stunning stimulation beads that are worn internally whilst moving to bring stimulation and strengthen vaginal muscles. Lelo Luna Beads are silicone balls that are weighted by their col..
                  £51.91 £58.99
                  Brand: Magic Motion Model: 103338
                  Smart balls for kegel training. Strengthen and tone your pelvic muscle which can weaken over time due to childbirth and age. Regain your bladder control and tightness. Improve the sensitivity of sexual satisfaction and change your life.Smart kegel trainer for beginners.Patented sensitive sensors and..
                    £72.67 £90.99
                    Brand: Satisfyer Pro Model: 016495
                    Balls Training Set with vibration effect function for increased sensuality, 60-92 g, 3-part design.If you keep fit, you get more out of life. And this also applies to your love life! Thanks to Balls Training Set, you can train and get in shape for your own marathon of lust. Wearing the love beads fo..
                      £35.99 £39.99
                      Brand: Satisfyer Pro Model: 016518
                      The perfect training set for more intense orgasms Balls Training Set, for more fun during sex, 80-150 g, 3-part design If you keep fit, you get more out of life. And this also applies to your love life! Thanks to Balls Training Set, you can train and get in shape for your own marathon of lust. Weari..
                        £35.99 £39.99
                        Brand: Dream Toys Model: 21228
                        36 mm flower-shaped Kegel Balls.Weight 90gFull Silicone coated with an inside flowing iron ball.Flower design, good quality, silky hand feel.Stimulates and strengthens the pelvic floor.Rolling weights inside balls provide natural massage...
                          £12.59 £13.99
                          Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7334S
                          Designed for delivering discreet internal massage and stimulation to the vagina we have these gorgeous Silver Orgasm Balls, a pair of scintillating 3.5-inch circumference pleasure balls that slip inside the vagina and massage whenever you move. These fabulous Silver Orgasm Balls have been manufactur..
                            £4.49 £4.99
                            Brand: Various Toy Brands Model: GQ001
                            2 stainless steel orgasm balls that gyrate inside you to make wonderful sensations and work the pelvic floor muscles to become more toned. The balls are smooth and have a diameter of 19mm. They come in a black drawstring bag to keep them safe and discreet...
                              £7.19 £7.99
                              Brand: Master Series Model: AC896
                              They are copiously sized, supremely weighted, and daring you to try them out. These massive orgasm balls are ideal for intense sensation play, and for those who enjoy a nice, full feeling. Made of steel..
                                £28.79 £31.99
                                Brand: Seven Creations Model: 7334
                                Orgasm balls for your enjoyment..
                                  £5.39 £5.99
                                  Brand: Seven Creations Model: 50483
                                  The vibrating effect of the balls rocking to and fro will cause amazing sexual stimulation internally. Includes a cord for easy removal...
                                    £8.09 £8.99
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