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We are an independent British brand and all our leather lingerie and accessories are carefully handmade in the UK using the most exquisite materials.

Body Chain
-13 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r213
Body chain, adjustable...
£69.29 £79.99
Bondage Body Bondage Body
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r222
Leather strap and hoop body. Adjustable with buckles...
£62.99 £72.99
Bra And Brief Chain Set Bra And Brief Chain Set
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r087
Bra and Briefs set from metal chains, adjustable with carabine hooks...
£52.19 £60.99
Imitation Leather Dog Mask Imitation Leather Dog Mask
-10 %
Brand: Fetish Collection Model: 2490099
Dog-shaped hood made of black faux leather with zipper crossing the muzzle. Lacing in the back. Collar with studs and ring...
£26.99 £29.99
Leather Basque Open Cup Leather Basque Open Cup
-24 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r203
Genuine leather cupless boned basque with laces-up front and laces-up at the back...
£179.99 £235.99
Leather Body
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r206
Genuine leather, Open, boned body with side laces...
£143.99 £159.99
Leather Body Harness Leather Body Harness
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r360
Body harness with cock ring 50 mm diameter. Adjustable with buckles...
£42.29 £48.99
Leather Body Harness For Women Leather Body Harness For Women
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r7214
Leather strap body for women. Adjustable with buckles..
£62.99 £72.99
Leather Brief Leather Brief
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r323
Genuine leather brief...
£62.99 £69.99
Leather Brief Dildo Leather Brief Dildo
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r251
Leather briefs with dildo inside. Adjustable with buckles...
£83.69 £96.99
Leather Brief Pouch With Zip Leather Brief Pouch With Zip
-13 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r307
Genuine leather brief with front zip detail. Adjustable with buckles...
£46.79 £53.99
Leather Brief With Front Chain Leather Brief With Front Chain
-16 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r124
Genuine leather string decorated with chain across front. One size with elastic...
£26.09 £30.99
Leather Brief With Open Front Leather Brief With Open Front
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r309
Genuine leather brief with detachable front. Adjustable with buckles...
£83.69 £96.99
Leather Chain Bra Leather Chain Bra
-15 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r168
Chain top with leather collar and ring, adjustable with press studs...
£66.59 £77.99
Leather Chastity belt Leather Chastity belt
-12 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r240
Chastity belt with chain and padlock front...
£44.09 £49.99
Leather Chastity Brief Leather Chastity Brief
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r241
Chastity belt with two holes in crotch and padlock front. Adjustable...
£53.99 £62.99
Leather Collar And Chain
-11 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r531
Genuine leather dog collar with chain. Adjustable with buckle...
£41.84 £46.99
Leather Corset
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: unknow_missing Model: r207
Genuine leather boned lace-up corset...
£94.49 £104.99
Leather Corset Cuffs Leather Corset Cuffs
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r644
Genuine leather wide belt complete with scrotum ring and handcuffs. Adjustable with laces...
£121.49 £134.99
Leather Halterneck Top Leather Halterneck Top
-14 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r212
Genuine leather top with buckle fastening front...
£98.09 £113.99
Leather Harness UK Size 8 to 12 Leather Harness UK Size 8 to 12
-10 %
Brand: Zado Model: 2000644
Classic fetish one piece made of black leather straps and connecting rings made of steel. With a guidance hook also called vaginal or anal hook. The harness is perfect for pony play. For a perfect fitting, the straps of the harness are multi-adjustable by means of buckle closures. The guidance hook ..
£90.89 £100.99
Leather Open Bikini Leather Open Bikini
-14 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: r093
Open bikini with chain detail, Genuine leather, adjustable with buckles...
£52.19 £60.99
Leather Pouch Leather Pouch
-16 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r301
Genuine leather male plain brief. One size with elastic...
£25.19 £29.99
Leather Shirt Collar Leather Shirt Collar
-10 %
Brand: Various Toy Brands Model: RED019BK
Leather Shirt Collar  Neck circumference 37cmMade from high-quality leather..
£42.29 £46.99
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