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12 Piece Suction Cupping Set
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: R7286
Sucking or cupping therapy is a form of Chinese alternative medicine in which a local suction is created on the skin to improve the blood circulation. This set contains 12 cups in different size which are connectable to a vacuum pistol. 2. This Chinese cupping set is complete with accessories and 2 ..
£40.04 £44.49
200cm Chain With Hooks
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: R7771
200cm Chain with welded hooks..
£33.29 £36.99
7 Wheels Of pain
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r827
1.2 inch wide head x 1 inch. 7 spinning wheels of Sharpe pins. Color:Silver Material:Plated steel..
£44.09 £48.99
Adjustable Nipple Clamps
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r678
Adjustable nipple clamps with chain...
£26.99 £29.99
Adorable Black Bikini Set With Pearls Adorable Black Bikini Set With Pearls
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: R1532
Amorable by Rimba, sexy crotchless lacy knickers with bow tie and pearls at the back.Open cup bra, with pearl strings, adjustable straps and a hook and eye fastener.One size fits bust 34 to 40 inches, waist 24 to 30 inches and hips 34 to 40 inches...
£25.19 £27.99
Animal Print Leather Collar
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: R7932
Luxurious leather collar with beautiful O ring in front with smooth leather on the outside. This collar is 1.75 inches wide and 17.5 inches long and adjustable at the back. It closes with a metal buckle. This collar fits both men and women...
£40.49 £44.99
Arm Gauntlet Decorated With Rivets
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r518
Leather arm gauntlet decorated with rivets adjustable for 2 sizes. (One Only)..
£37.34 £41.49
Barcelona Purple Anal Pleasure Play Set Barcelona Purple Anal Pleasure Play Set
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: R2536
Set of 2 anal toys for beginners to explore and discover the pleasure of anal sex.Plug 3.5 x 8.2 cm  Beads 1.8-2.9 x 13.5 cm..
£15.29 £16.99
Basque Black Basque Black
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1024
Basque, string & stockings. 100% Polyamide..
£52.19 £57.99
Basque Red Basque Red
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1023
Basque, String & Stockings. 100% Polyamide..
£52.19 £57.99
Black And Pink Ribbon GString Black And Pink Ribbon GString
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1328
One Size, G-string. Black and pink. 100% Nylon..
£10.79 £11.99
Black Crotchless Tanga Black Crotchless Tanga
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1215
Black Crotchless Tanga. One Size..
£10.79 £11.99
Black Devil Briefs
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: r1930
Size, One Size. Colour, Black Devil. Material, 100 percent Polyamide...
£12.59 £13.99
Black Feather Nipple Clamps
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r838
Adjustable black feather nipple clamps..
£15.74 £17.49
Black Fishnet Floral Hold Up Stockings
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1465
Sexy hold up stockings, an essential for sexy lingerie...
£12.59 £13.99
Black Fishnet HoldUp Tights With Floral Lace Tops Black Fishnet HoldUp Tights With Floral Lace Tops
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: r1481
Black fishnet hold-up tights with white lace tops with floral print and ribbon to tighten...
£12.59 £13.99
Black Fishnet Stockings
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1477
Sexy fishnet stockings to wear with a suspenderbelt...
£14.39 £15.99
Black Fishnet Stockings With Lace Ribbon Tops
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1475
Tie these sexy hold up stockings up and have a seductive evening...
£17.99 £19.99
Black Fishnet Stockings With Seem
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1464
Sexy fishnet stockings with seem...
£9.89 £10.99
Black Fishnet Tights
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1472
Large holed fishnet tights. 100 percent polyamide..
£15.29 £16.99
Black Fishnet Tights With Bows
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1478
Cute little bows on these fishnet tights will make you look feminine and beautiful!..
£12.59 £13.99
Black Floral Suspender Belt With Stockings
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1418
Sexy black floral suspender belt with stockings...
£25.19 £27.99
Black Floral Suspenderbelt And Stockings
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: r1415
Black Floral Suspenderbelt and Stockings..
£20.69 £22.99
Black HoldUp Stockings With Floral Lace Top
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Rimba Model: r1455
Sexy hold up stockings for a seductive evening...
£12.59 £13.99
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