RENDS R1 A10 Cyclone Masturbator With Controller S to M

So once you become a reviewer of Tenga Jars it seems you become the go-to guy for folks trying to sell Tenga Jars. I feel like Malcom`s dad in Breaking Bad. You get into something for noble reasons and you end up killing a dude in the desert after blowing up his headquarters with fulminated mercury. Anyway, please bear with me. Someone out there may need this information.

Drumroll please: Just in time for Valentine's Day, here's our review of the A10 Cyclone.

So what is the A10 Cyclone? Think of it as a shoe cleaner for your free time. This masturbator features a series of brushes that rotate back and forth over the targeted object. The brush is made of washable silicone. Next is the USB cable.

Before you get too excited, this USB cable connects to the R-1 controller, not the PC. That is correct. Add-ons require add-ons. The controller rotates the brush in different ways (back and forth, quickly, slowly). You can truly value yourself. There is a quick shut-off function when the postman comes. You'll probably also need JList's special lubricant. It's like climbing Mount Everest. Not ready? #

This is my honest opinion. Personally, I didn't like that feeling. It's somehow all-encompassing and can easily become overwhelming. I want to be serious, guys. Electric tenga glasses. We're not talking about butterfly kisses. You either love it or hate it. If you can't tolerate too much stimulation at once, you should stay away from that stimulation.

But what confuses me the most is that the Japanese are fascinated by these things. In other words, if you can't incorporate it into the robot, then do it. in any case. But seriously, none of this helps your self-esteem. If you can't shave, meet a nice woman, go to dinner or a movie, and go back to her house for a horizontal bop. But seriously. Do you need this level of simulation for masturbation? Do you? When using this, you have to actually create the thing. It's like cooking a gourmet meal, and it's fun, but wouldn't you want to order some chicken wings and drink a beer? At least you can do more around the house instead of chopping shallots or boiling pheasant. It will be.