Lelo Enigma

The Lelo Enigma Wave sticks out amongst luxury sex toys with its groundbreaking triple stimulation function. It offers an harmonious combination of clitoral and G-spot stimulation along its come-hither movement and flexible suction and penetration abilties.

Borrowing sonic wave technology from LELO’s previous top- dealers, the SONA 2 Cruise and SORAYA, the Enigma Wave crafts a unique and indulgent revel in that tantalizes both visible and invisible components of the clitoris even as additionally getting to the G-spot. no matter its aspirational charge factor , the Lelo Enigma Wave’s premium layout and multifaceted functionality present an compelling invitation to pride seekers aspiring for an complete sensual journey.


Overview summary

This overview unveils the sensations, design attributes, specifications, advantages and disadvantages of the LELO Enigma Wave, guiding ability consumers on whether it’s the right fit for them or now not, in conjunction with different critical aspects of this high priced toy. The LELO Enigma Wave is an masterfully crafted device that gives a completely unique triple-stimulation enjoy, blending clitoral and G-spot stimulation with the choice of both suction and penetration; all encapsulated in a sleek and stylish design.

Discover in addition to delve into the nuanced capabilities and overall performance of the LELO Enigma Wave, expertise its sonic wave era, consumer- pleasant interface, and how it compares to different toys within the luxurious section. whether you’re an seasoned pleasure seeker or venturing into the premium sex toy realm, this overview presents an complete perception into what makes the Lelo Enigma Wave an noteworthy contender within the pursuit of extraordinary sensual delight. examine on!

How does it feel? 

The LELO Enigma Wave feels amazing. It slides in easily, and the soft silicone feels nice. The double action on the clitoris and G-spot is a game-changer, creating a blend of sensations with every pulse and buzz. It fits comfortably, reaching the right spots effortlessly. The build-up to climax is slow but incredibly satisfying, leading to a deep and fulfilling finale that feels personal and freeing.


Twin Stimulation: This twin rabbit vibrator is designed to provide both clitoral and G-spot stimulation concurrently, making it an interesting choice for individuals trying to explore twin sensations.

Quality design and cloth: Reviewers regularly praise the glossy, elegant design and the tremendous silicone cloth used inside the Enigma Wave, that is secure to apply and visually attractive​​.

Water resistant function: The device is 100% water resistant, making it suitable for use inside the bathtub or shower, that is a function appreciated by way of many because it meets the same old quality for excessive- quit sex toys​​.

Effective performance: Many find the Lelo Enigma Wave to be enormously effective in handing over severe orgasms, with the twin stimulation running seamlessly to provide a fulfilling experience.

Depth manipulate: With numerous modes and depth tiers, users have the power to find what works nice for them, ensuring a personalized experience​ 3​.


studying Curve: A few reviewers mention an studying curve related to the usage of the LELO Enigma Wave, in particular for those new to twin or internal stimulation. it can take the time to get conversant in the device and discover the maximum pleasing settings​.

Rate: Being an high- quit product, the Lelo Enigma Wave comes with an pretty high rate tag which won't be within anybody’s price range​.

Manage hindrance: The outside and internal capabilities work in tandem and cannot be managed independently. this may restriction the customization of the experience for a few users​​. Plus, this is not an app- managed intercourse toy, so it could’t be managed from afar. size and suit: the scale and suit won't in shape anybody, and a few ladies may discover it hard to place the device efficiently for max satisfaction, in particular inside the starting​​.