Morning sex and coffee are two of the most popular morning habits around the world. While coffee has its benefits, many would argue that morning sex is a better choice. If you're not convinced, here are three reasons why morning sex is better than coffee:

1. It boosts your mood for the entire day

Morning sex provides an endorphin rush that can boost your mood throughout the day. It can lead to a feeling of happiness and satisfaction that caffeine cannot match. The oxytocin hormone that your body produces during sex can also help relieve stress, enhance trust, and promote connection between partners, leaving you feeling happier all day long.

2. It increases intimacy and connection with your partner

Having sex in the morning is an intimate and bonding experience that can bring partners closer. It provides an opportunity for both partners to feel wanted, desired, and loved. Morning sex can enhance emotional intimacy and trust, resulting in a better emotional connection with your partner throughout the day.

3. It's a healthier way to start your day

Sexual activity provides numerous health benefits, and morning sex can provide an excellent boost for your physical well-being. It increases blood flow, which can also help to boost your immune system, reduce risk of heart disease, and improve overall health. In comparison, coffee may provide immediate energy, but it can also cause jitters, increased anxiety and is also known to hinder sleep.

In conclusion, while coffee may be good for an energy boost, morning sex comes with more benefits. It uplifts mood, fosters intimacy, and provides physical health benefits. In other words, engaging in morning sex not only feels amazing but also upsurges a healthy way to start your day.