Let’s bring some passion back to the old hand-shandy! Whether you’re DIY-ing it or have a friend to help you out, you’re definitely going to want to read our top tips for giving the best hand jobs ever.

Find the right pressure

Every person with a penis is different – different sensitivity, different turn-ons etc but with hand jobs, it’s all about finding the right balance. Going in all guns blazing can definitely have an adverse effect, though being too coy can have the same result. Don’t be nervous to really show that penis who’s boss, but work your way up it! Start off with light fingers and slowly increase your grip (think about the kind of pressure you’d get with a cock ring). Utilise your entire hand too, if you’ve lubed up then your warm palms should glide and slide over the shaft and the balls nice and easily.

Remember that communication is key here too, you want them to enjoy themselves so ask questions like ”Does that feel good?” ”Shall I slow it down for you?” ”Do you want it harder?” by asking questions and keeping an open channel for communication during sexy time, everyone’s a winner – they get what they like and you’re confident in knowing you’re giving them the pleasure that they want, whilst getting educated about their body and what they respond to (good work!)

Lube… Every time!

If you’re not using lube every time we wanna know why? WHAT IS THE REASON? Because from where we’re standing, there isn’t one. Lube makes everything so so SO much better, we can’t say it enough.

Lubricant is the bread and butter of a good hand job session. Using it is essential to ensure the playdate with a penis is pleasurable. The penis does not provide as much natural lubrication as a vagina, therefore you must use lubricant when masturbating.

Lube helps everything glide and slide, whilst preventing any nasty friction occurring between the penis and the hand (or anything else the penis is penetrating). Lube also enhances the sensations felt when masturbating with a male sex toy. If you are using lube with a male masturbator (which you should be) it is important to check compatibility between materials, never use a silicone-based lubricant with a silicone sex toy as silicone reacts with itself. Our advice would be to always stick with water-based lubricants when using sex toys.

From plain to flavoured, tingle to warming, we’ve got a range of lubes suitable for everybody! Check out our lube range here

Mix up your technique.

So mostly people with willies who are having a little DIY session can pump it with the classic up and down motion and that’ll do for them, but we’re here to learn how to go above and beyond when it comes to penis pleasuring techniques.

But let’s not overcomplicate it hey? We don’t want to approach this with too much eagerness, as it can sometimes be a little too much for the hand job receiver. As mentioned before, it’s best to start off slowly (with lube!) and build them up for the big climax but let’s start thinking about changing the technique every 60 seconds – not completely, just a slight change, that could be the pressure of your grip or you could tickle the balls every time your hand goes to the base, just a little tweak to keep the receiver on their toes (or their back!).

It’s worth having a few base techniques in mind that you can alternate between and add your own little bit of spice.

Here are a couple that you could try out:

  • The Twister

Lube up your hand and cup the whole of that bad boy around the base of the penis and begin sliding your hand up and down whilst incorporating a twisting motion. As you reach the head of the penis, spend a little moment to do the same motion (a little gentler) on the tip – this bit is super sensitive so definitely watch their reaction!

  • The A-OK!

Make your thumb and pointer finger into an “okay” hand signal and glide up and down the penis with very light pressure and slightly increase your grip as you go –  and again remember to use plenty of lubrication!

  • The nut thruster (for solo play)

Thrusting is great fun, cupping the penis with either one or both hands try using your hips to thrust in and out of your hands. So, essentially you are penetrating the tunnel your hands have created, trust us this will feel delightful and mimic the feeling of real sex.

Something as simple as switching hands while you masturbate will spice the sensations up a notch. Masturbating with your non-dominant or regular masturbation hand will make the experience more unique. Try cupping your penis with both hands to experience double-fisted pleasure. This method will ensure every inch of your penis is pleasurable.

To really take your techniques to the next level, invest in multiple male sex toys such as a male masturbator or a realistic vagina that can be laid flat so you can really work on your thrusting technique.


Keep an eye on their reactions

Though penises are a little bit more resilient than clitorises, they are still super sensitive. Communication is number one when it comes to pleasuring a partner, but you can sometimes feel a little bit awkward. In an ideal world, we’d all be open and talking about what feels good and what doesn’t and as much as we love to talk about how important communication is when it comes to sex, let’s be honest not everyone is a big talker in the bedroom but usually, whatever they’re feeling/thinking, it’s written all over their faces and in that situation, it can be hard to hide it!

So pay attention to their body language and facial expressions, these two can help you understand everything that you need to know at that moment as well as their moans and exhales and inhales (pleasurable ones hopefully!)