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Quality handmade BDSM bondage restraints. Simple but effective sex accessories to share pleasure. FREE delivery on all orders over £30
Spreader With Carabine Hooks
-10 %
Brand: Rimba Model: R7762
Adjustable with D-ring fastener 55-85cm Cuffs not included!..
£39.59 £43.99
Strict Arm Binder Adjustable Restraint Strict Arm Binder Adjustable Restraint
-10 %
Brand: XR Brands Model: AF250
Trap your submissives arms behind their back, while you have your way with them. Made with locking buckles, your plaything will be thoroughly trapped while you put them in any position you desire! Each arm strap is adjustable to accommodate many different sizes, wrapping around the biceps and forear..
£43.19 £47.99
Strict Full Sleeve Arm Binder Strict Full Sleeve Arm Binder
-10 %
Brand: XR Brands Model: AF251
Pinch your partner's arms together behind their back to fully restrain them for your amusement! This full sleeve is a unique piece of bondage gear that effectively takes your scene to the next level. Slip your playthings arms into the sleek, attractive sleeve, secure the laces, and adjust all four o..
£56.69 £62.99
Studded Spiked Breast Binder With Nipple Holes Studded Spiked Breast Binder With Nipple Holes
-10 %
Brand: XR Brands Model: AC324
Combine beauty and pain with the Strict Leather Studded Spiked Breast Binder. This sturdy leather strap encircles the bust, with two studded leather disks placed directly over the breasts. The tiny spikes on the reverse side make for a biting reminder of who is in control. There are thoughtful cutou..
£69.29 £76.99
SXY Cuffs  Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs SXY Cuffs  Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs
-10 %
Brand: Creative Conceptions Model: CCSXY
SXY, Perfectly Bound Deluxe Neoprene Cross Cuffs A Revolutionary Cuff for the NXT Level of Bondage Play.Firm hold for instant control and passionate power play. Unique pivoting cuffs give total comfort however much you resist. Strong Velcro fastening fits all allowing you to take turns being charge...
£19.79 £21.99
The Rack Breast Compactor
-10 %
Brand: Master Series Model: AC609
Stainless steel 17.75 inch bars attached by adjustable screws. Fit the rack over the breast and gently tighten the screws to feel the pressure. Men can also use this item for the testicles and scrotum as well...
£40.49 £44.99
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