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Master Series

Brand: Master Series Model: EU103
This vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is devious enough in its intended purpose, creating some intense urethral sensations. It can also be used as a pinpoint vibrator, with all the fun and exploration that entails. Specs: 1 inch circumference at the tip and .75 inches in circumfere..
    £110.69 £122.99
    Brand: Master Series Model: AH261
    This set of 3 aluminium alloy plugs is the perfect tool for expanding your backdoor capacity while incorporating a bit of kinky play! Each of the plugs is lightweight and tapered for easy insertion and super smooth so that they glide in effortlessly when a little lube is added. Screw any of the plug..
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      Ass Puffer Nubbed Inflatable Anal Plug Ass Puffer Nubbed Inflatable Anal Plug
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      Brand: Master Series Model: AH219
      Ready for intense stimulation? This inflatable anal plug is designed to enhance sensation and stretch you from within! All along the shaft of graduated bulbs are small, spiky nubs that add texture to your backdoor during entry and while inside. With soft, round heads they are perfectly safe to enjoy..
        £35.99 £39.99
        Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD147-SM
        They will be compliant and under your control while wearing this devious chastity cage. Stainless steel and featuring a curved spine with enclosure rings and a removable cum thru plug. Simply place him in the cage and fasten the base ring behind the testicles, then lock him up with the enclosed lock..
          £171.89 £190.99
          Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD147-ML
          They will be compliant and under your control while wearing this devious chastity cage. Stainless steel and featuring a curved spine with enclosure rings and a removable cum thru plug. Simply place him in the cage and fasten the base ring behind the testicles, then lock him up with the enclosed lock..
            £171.89 £190.99
            Brand: Master Series Model: AC551
            Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their scrotum, then place their balls into the hollow chamber. Use the included hex key to lock the ring onto the end of the chamber and their boys are now enclosed in a cool steel cylinder. Now you are in co..
              £128.69 £142.99
              Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AB813-BX
              Has your naughty slave been enjoying too much liberty? Keep your captive under lock and key with this intriguing confinement piece! Lock him into submission by choosing one of the three differently sized rings, and placing the cage over the penis shaft. This is where the power exchange happens. With..
                £255.59 £283.99
                Bauhaus Precision Nipple Vice
                -10 % Out Of Stock
                Brand: Master Series Model: MSAC702
                Designed for precision and strength, the Bauhaus Nipple Vice comes to you with two clamps that can be adjusted to your desired level of tightness with the adjusting screws located at the base. The tips are covered in soft TPR with the addition of a delicate curve at the very end that assists in grip..
                  £35.99 £39.99
                  Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AB997
                  The Bondage Ring Barrel Clamps provide you with the framework for a wide array of torments. These heavy duty clamps feature a dangling ring at their base that affords you countless bondage options. Let the rings hang and jingle as your sub moves around. Attach a chain from one ring to another that w..
                    £50.39 £55.99
                    Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AC882
                    The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and time again. Made of premium silicone so it bends within the body. This highly powerful piece sends a strong vibration through the tip straight into your playthings cock. Simply insert the sound and tu..
                      £70.19 £77.99
                      Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD150
                      This erection inhibiting device is made of durable stainless steel and features a shortened cage with a locking base piece. Simply place him in the cage and fasten the base ring using the simple pin mechanism. The hinged base ring has a rubber sleeve at the joint to prevent pinching. Then just place..
                        £137.69 £152.99
                        Brand: Master Series Model: MSAC989
                        Audio erotica is in play when these devious little bells are ringing. Your plaything will look and sound tantalizing when these clamps are placed just so. These tweezer style nipple clamps have a bell attached at each end that makes a low pitched ringing sound when in motion. The vinyl coated ends p..
                          £22.49 £24.99
                          Brand: Master Series Model: AA424
                          Come here.we have a little something we would like you to try. The Deviants Orb is a weighted piece that is sure to hold you captive with 8 pleasing ounces of weight. This chrome-plated steel weight comes with a stainless steel clip that can be attached to your favorite cock and ball torment device...
                            £25.19 £27.99
                            Brand: Master Series Model: MSAD398
                            Fill them up with this colossal XXL Anal Plug from Master Series. Made of premium silicone, it is non-porous and hypoallergenic. Featuring a tapered tip for pinpoint stimulation and a flared suction cup base for easy retrieval during solo play. Sending them over the edge has never been this full fil..
                              £64.79 £71.99
                              Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage
                              -10 % Out Of Stock
                              Brand: Master Series Model: AE408
                              This all-rubber chastity cage is the best way to experience erection restriction in discreet and flexible comfort. Featuring a stiff walled rubber cage, with a cum-through opening and separate cock and ball chambers, this soft body device is nearly undetectable under clothing. The low profile and tr..
                                £28.79 £31.99
                                Brand: Master Series Model: XR-AD129-ML
                                If you are a man that prefers metal to rubber when using a cock ring then you will love the Echo Triple Cock Ring, a quality three-tier penis ring with each ring fused to the next. Providing longer lasting and firmer erections, the Echo Triple Cock Ring has been crafted in high quality non-porous h..
                                  £28.79 £31.99
                                  Excavate Tunnel Anal Plug Excavate Tunnel Anal Plug
                                  -10 % Out Of Stock
                                  Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD908
                                  Get in deep with this devious hollow butt plug, which allows unrestricted access to the innermost areas of your plaything. This tunnel-shaped anal plug is made of a semi-rigid material that is soft enough to slide in and out, yet strong enough to keep them spread open wide and ready for you. The erg..
                                    £39.59 £43.99
                                    Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD782
                                    Enjoy the sensational feeling of being stretched to your limit with this large expandable plug! Lube up the smooth plug and ease inside. Once you've started to enjoy yourself, take the pleasure to the next level and give the attached pump a good squeeze. Instantly the plug will expand inside you, ca..
                                      £57.59 £63.99
                                      Brand: Master Series Model: XR-AD784
                                      Get up close and personal with the Face Fuk from the Master Series. This stretchy, all latex strap on is designed to fit over the mouth or chin. You or your plaything can use it as a gag, or wear it on the chin which leaves the tongue free to roam as the dildo penetrates. The rigid black dildo is ni..
                                        £44.09 £48.99
                                        Fat Dick Penis Sleeve Fat Dick Penis Sleeve
                                        -10 % Out Of Stock
                                        Brand: Master Series Model: AB640
                                        If you are interested in adding size and girth to your cock, the Fat Dick Penis Enhancer is the perfect fit! The ring wraps around the scrotum while the penis is inserted into the enhancer. You both will enjoy your amazing new size, and you will not have to worry about premature ejaculation while yo..
                                          £48.59 £53.99
                                          Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD434
                                          Designed for long lasting erections with its tight fit, this nut is definitely one for the toolbox. Made from firm yet stretchy TPE so it gives just enough to offer maximum erection enhancement while fitting to your body. The hexagonal shape adds a unique look to your cock while helping you maintain..
                                            £15.29 £16.99
                                            Inception Multi Functional Fucking Device Anal Plug Inception Multi Functional Fucking Device Anal Plug
                                            -10 % Out Of Stock
                                            Brand: Master Series Model: MSAD411
                                            This three in one orifice opening device adds max girth and length to your rod and cushions your plaything as you pound away at their inviting hole. It is super stretchy, allowing the ability to fit over any size cock and adds extra size to your throbbing member. This versatile cock sheath moonlight..
                                              £55.79 £61.99
                                              Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AB314
                                              Made to serve two functions at once, this Inflatable Gag with Dildo will surely make things interesting. The inside part functions as a mouth gag that once securely put on, can be inflated. After the gag is put on, and inflate if desired, the other partner can then use the outside dildo for penetrat..
                                                £80.09 £88.99
                                                Brand: Master Series Model: MS-AD229
                                                The Intake Anal Suction Device is not for the faint of heart. Once applied, Intake creates an air tight pressured seal. Turning the knob to the right pulls the skin up, creating a sensory pressure like no other. Turning the knob left releases the pressure. With its clear window cup, you get to watch..
                                                  £22.49 £24.99
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