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Kink Industries

12 Piece Cupping System
-10 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: MSAB657
There are 2 cups for each size.0.625, 1, 1.25, 1.625, 2 and 2.25 inchesSimple put on the skin and attach the handle pump and pull the trigger pump to remove the air and watch the skin rise into the cup.The pump can be removed and the cups will remain in place...
£32.39 £35.99
Chastity Cock Cage Chastity Cock Cage
-14 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: SL101
Put your man on lock down with this Chastity Cock Cage! With a unique design, this cage will allow your man to pee without having to take off the cage. Made from chrome plated steel, there is no escape once locked into place. Cage includes three different sized rings, which go around the balls and l..
£169.19 £195.99
Cock And Ball Board
-12 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: MO106
For the most intense ball-crushing play get this acrylic cock and ball crusher. This cock and ball board can apply pressure to both the cock and balls or just the balls, by simply inserting your cock and balls through the back hole. Then screw down the wingnuts to apply more and more pressure. If y..
£38.69 £43.99
Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold
-10 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Kink Industries Model: FS-AD310
Contoured to accomodate the curvature of the face, its padded and adjustable with a velcro fastening...
£11.69 £12.99
Frisky Take Me Thigh Cuffs Frisky Take Me Thigh Cuffs
-10 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: FS-AD383
Made from durable neoprene and nylon and secured with heavy duty velcro enclosures. One size fits most...
£18.89 £20.99
Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds
-10 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: NS120
The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a different sized end, thus the set offers sixteen sizes, ranging from 3 French to 19 French. The purpose of this sound set is to gradually and gently enlarge the urethra, when inserted into the urethra f..
£64.79 £71.99
VacULock Saw Attachment
-10 %
Brand: Kink Industries Model: SD700-Unit
The Fucking Adapter is a high quality, affordable fucking tool. It is electro polished for a super smooth surface. It fits any vac-u-lock dildos, so you are not tied down to one particular cock. It can be used in the anus or vagina. The Fucking Adapter works on most Sawzall's or that type of recipro..
£98.09 £108.99
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